Wednesday, November 7, 2007


mandeep said...

good interview question.I want some more interview question which i can read quicky at interview time

Anonymous said...

What is SQL injection? Is the following query vulnerable to SQL injection:

mysql_query("SELECT name FROM info WHERE id='".$_POST['id']."'")

If yes how would you correct it? If no how can you make it vulnerable?

Anonymous said...

Write a PHP page, which will accept input url in a form and on submitting and extract all the images of that url and will display them.

For e.g. if the url is, then it will fetch and will display all the images on this page. (Hint use curl)

Phpurug said...

Hey Mandeep!

I think you can find out more php interview questions from,

Best of luck with your interview


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone know about good resources/tutorials for PHP imagick extension?

Bh said...

please provide more Questions

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